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Feel Good About Where You Invest

Our portfolio managers have created specific portfolios for Patriot Wealth that ensure every dollar of your hard-earned savings only goes to funds and companies that line up with your values, without sacrificing growth and strategy.

Custom Values-Based Portfolios: Services


Funds That We Utilize In Our Portfolios

The funds below are just a few of the many investment options that Patriot Wealth uses to construct it's portfolios and strategies for our clients.


American Conservative Values Fund

The American Conservative Values ETF (ACVF) is based on the conviction that politically active companies negatively impact their shareholder returns, as well as support issues and causes which conflict with our conservative political ideals, beliefs and values.


Life Neutral Plus ETF

The Fund seeks to meet its investment objective by primarily investing its net assets, plus borrowings for investment purposes, if any, in the equity securities of large- and mid- capitalization US companies that meet its social criteria. The Fund uses both a fundamental security analysis and proprietary social rating system to select the equity securities for the portfolio.


Inspire 100 ESG ETF

Inspire 100 ESG ETF (BIBL) invests into inspiring, biblically aligned large companies ($13B+ market cap) in the U.S.

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